Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thinking ahead

Now that I'm at the stage of figuring out all those "one last things" that have to happen before I write my exams, I've finally let myself think concretely about how I'm going to spend my time after my exams are done.

Yes, I know that I'm pretty much going to have to launch immediately into German review and grant applications, thanks to all the extra time I've taken with my reading. But that's beside the point. I will need to take some sort of a break, and I will need to plan on doing something before I start into the dissertation stage. Something that I can look forward to, as I trudge through my long list of "one last things" and nervously await those exams.

I've had one idea: after I clear out all those library books from my shelves, I'm going to do an overhaul of my library. I bought some books at a used book sale last weekend, and as I tried to put them away, I realised that my old organisation system seems to have flown out the window in the past year. My books are everywhere! Willy-nilly! Also, I seem to own more books than I have room in my bookcases, but I don't have room for more bookcases. Which means that I need to start evaluating what gets priority bookcase space, and what gets either given away or stored in boxes.

I'm going to revolutionise my office. The thought thrills me. (It will probably also thrill Chris, who is daily driven crazy by the state of our office.)

I'm also trying to pick the first "fun book" that I let myself read, post-comps. Any suggestions?


The Wisper said...

How about some Anne of Green Gables?

Anonymous said...

That's funny, because I was going to say Blue Castle.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oooh, both of those sound like a good idea. My friend Terra suggested Emma, because of the Complete Jane Austen.