Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everyone seems to be tagging each other these days

Among the bloggers I know IRL, they all seem to be doing this "seven random/weird things" meme lately. My cousin-ish Jen (I think we're actually third cousins, but we refer to her grandparents as "uncle and auntie") tagged me for this one. I'm going to cheat a little and won't tag seven people, because that's just too many people for me to think of right now.

Also, I'll go with "seven mildly weird things about me that I don't think I've told you before," since I don't know if I can come up with seven facts that are entirely "random." Most of them will probably be confessions.

1. Confession: I have a weird weakness for the movie Something's Gotta Give. It's actually on TV right now, playing in the background as I read. Meg and I watched it when we lived together, over a tub of hummus and a bunch of pita bread and vegetables, and spent the whole time rooting for Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves to end up together.

2. When I watch TV, I mute the commercials (since we don't have anything like Tivo to skip the commercials for us). I've been doing that for a year, since we spent those weeks staying with our friends. Their daughter Becky always mutes the commercials and I found that it was much nicer that way.

3. I only eat Tic Tacs in multiples of two.

4. My memory is so bad that I can actually hide things from myself on purpose. I used to hide the last of my Halloween candy around my bedroom, so that it would last longer. And I would be honestly surprised when I would find it.

5. In fact, there are bags of Halloween candy in a drawer of my filing candy cabinet (why yes I am usually distracted by the thought of candy, and that is why my forgetting that it exists in my house is all the more amazing!). I usually forget it's there.

6. Like Kate, I frequently make the oddest and most random noises, especially when I'm alone and trying to work. Or when I'm waking up. Unlike Kate, my noises are nothing so normal as cat noises. They're more noises like "Blerk!" or "Bazoooooooo!" or "Beees!" or "Eeeep!" Also, sometimes I make loud opera singing sounds. It used to frighten Christopher.

7. The hardest time that I have with my allergies is not being allowed to eat seafood, carrying an epi-pen with me, or being pressured by my doctor to give up dairy. No, the hardest part about my allergies is not being able to pet kittens. Seriously, I love kittens. And I get so sick whenever I pet them.


may-b said...

"a drawer of my filing candy". Fraudian slip, perhaps?

Kate said...

... If you can call cat noises normal. Whatevs. ;)

Word on the Tic-Tacs, which are definitely superior in multiples. If you are ever in England and can get Tic Tacs with orange and lime in one package, the flavour combo is pretty awesome. You feel like you're warding off scurvy, when really all you're warding off is bad breath.

Also: word, word, WORD-to-the-nth-degree on Keaton/Reeves in that movie.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kate, I love how you make me feel normal. (And last night I seriously shut off the TV and went to bed before the end of the movie, because it was just going to be all-Jack-Nicholson-all-the-time after that point, and I felt no need to watch that.)

Ky said...

I TOTALLY root for Reeves in that movie too. We are wise women.