Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally, an announcement

It's a boy!

Named Andrew Erik. He was born this morning at 7:03am, weighing 7lbs, 2oz. 65 hours after Meg's water broke, 64 hours after she started into active labour. I'm still in hospital mode right now, and so I have to actively not tell the whole story. But seriously: the poor girl. They tried to induce her, but then the baby's heart rate would drop whenever she had contractions, and so they had to do everything really carefully. And in the end they had to use forceps, eleven hours after she was first induced. (The hospital, the doctors and the nurses were fantastic. Thanks to them, Meg and wee Andrew are doing spectacularly now. Well, Meg wouldn't claim that, but that's just because she's sore.)

The kid is beautiful. And so very mellow. He spent most of the day either sleeping through the other newborn babies crying in the ward or looking around and blinking at us. The funny thing is that he has the same shape of eyes as Karl, and Karl's same mouth (but with Meg's ears, nose and eye colour), and he spent much of today with his little fist against his chin as if he was thinking the sort of big thoughts that his Dad thinks.

On a related note, I'm operating on 3 hours of sleep right now, all of which I got while either on a mattress on the floor or in a chair in a labour and delivery room. And I just drove through the streets of Vancouver in an unfamiliar car in that condition. I think I'm going to go to bed soon. (Karl and Meg are still at the hospital. She'll probably be let out on Friday or Saturday.)


Anastasia said...

oy. well, I'm glad the baby is out now and that meg is finally through it.

Teacher Lady said...

Hooray for baby!

Dixie Vandersluys said...

Hooray too! Congrats to the new parents. I can't wait to see pictures. And you know you're going to have to tell me EVERYTHING about the labour. Are you traumatized for life now?! :) (Meg must be exhausted!)

Becca said...

thanks for the details- I've been chatting with the Regina grandparents but it's good to hear a little bit more firsthand stuff.
Love you!