Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where have I been?

Reading books about anarchists, that's where! Well, more specifically, I've been reading this book. Before that, I was reading about Russian socialism, but that's not nearly as exciting as saying I was reading about anarchists. Also, if it is possible, nineteenth-century anarchists were far crazier than the socialists. Like Proudhon chose his wife by finding the most working-class-looking woman around and writing her a letter telling her that's why he likes her. I like you because you're working-class and not all educated and intelligent like those artists and writers. And she married him.

Okay, fine. I've also been making different configurations of Dell computers, reassuring myself that I got a good deal when I bought my computer (with the previous sale prices).

And making preparations for Monday's trip to Washington.

And listening to Saturday CBC radio.

And keeping up with the comic strip Mark Trail, now that it's all punching and exclamation points and keeping a hillbilly from releasing ducks at an airport.

And eating too much cake and potatoes. (Chris's work got him a cake and presents! I have no explanation for why I've been eating too many potatoes.)


Teacher Lady said...

You didn't even have to mention that you've eaten too much cake. I could tell you'd had too much sugar.

Anonymous said...

oh man, I *hate* mark trail! I love mary worth, though.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sister: Hey! I hadn't had any cake for several hours, when I wrote that post! I was just full of potatoes.

Anastasia: I started off hating Mark Trail, but Josh from the Comics Curmudgeon has me loving it.