Friday, August 03, 2007

More changes are afoot

Today is Chris's last day at the Giant American Corporation!

That fact didn't really sink in for me until last night, as he was looking around for a cardboard box to bring his things home. Remembering how sad he was when he last left a job he enjoyed, I went into Concerned Wife mode and asked how he's feeling, seeing as he won't be there again.

It turns out that he's like a grade 3 kid on the last day of school. I think he even said "Wheeeeeee!" and high-fived me a bunch of times. And bounced around on the exercise ball, detailing all the new and stupid regulations that are about to be introduced at work, that he won't have to deal with. Good bye, corporate America and the reason why Chris relates too well to Office Space. (Seriously: don't give an idealistic teacher a desk job.)

Now he gets a week of vacation, and then he's into teacher mode. And that last fact is pretty much the happiest thing either of us can imagine right now.


Anonymous said...

dude, I totally married Michael Bolton.

Queen of West Procrastination said...


But I would also marry Michael Bolton. (Not the singer.)

Teacher Lady said...

Just the dude who loves rap music and is afraid of black people?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I remember Hubby's last day in the Air Force -- since he wasn't starting another job right away, it was scary (me, sole support.. hmmm, who's mocking the philosophy degree now, big boy??) but he also felt very free!