Monday, August 13, 2007

Transitioning back

I'm home, but my brain is still on vacation. I'm sitting at my desk, at my computer, and my brain is in a forest in Washington, or wandering through fruit stands in the Okanagan. We had a really good week. A good week that I'm still processing.

There will be pictures soon. I'm sort of waiting on getting the new computer, which will arrive in the next few days, before taking those pictures off my camera. The new computer will have a card reader and more memory for all those photos. Hopefully, by that time, I will have processed some of my memories and then I'll be able to tell you some stories.

(Okay, my brain's not entirely far away. It's also waiting for the cable guy, who is going to install Basic Cable in the House of Procrastination, sometime in the next hour. Trouble.)

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Anonymous said...

I can relate - my brain's still on vacation too! Unfortunately I haven't been in months.