Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slightly Disoriented

I'm wearing my back-up pair of glasses right now. Back when I got my dark-rimmed plastic glasses, I got them at this two-for-one place and had to pick a second pair of glasses. I've had them for years, and yet I don't think I've ever worn them out of the house. I feel like they look funny on me. Like I need to keep a stern look on my face and be a stereotypical librarian. And I feel like they give my face a funny shape.

But I keep them on hand, and always take them with me when I travel, for fear that my other pair of glasses will be broken while on vacation and I'll be blind.

Tonight I was finally unpacking (ahem) and found my back-up glasses. And, for some reason, I put them on. Wearing these glasses, I don't feel entirely like myself. I feel slightly off. They pinch my nose and I can see around the frames.

On top of that, I'm blogging from the kitchen table, instead of the couch or my desk. To add to the strangeness, I'm listening to Vinyl Tap and Bachman's playing strange versions of familiar Beatles songs, like "Get Back" in German and "All My Lovin'" played in merry-go-round-music style.

But it's appropriate for how I'm feeling right now. We're approaching a lot of change here at the House of Procrastination, especially with Chris starting a new job. Everything feels a little different. I'm even getting a new computer (and basic cable!) in the Fall. And when your procrastination changes, that is especially disorienting.

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