Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From home to home

Seriously: it's been three weeks already?

This has been such a strange trip for me. It felt much more like I was coming home rather than visiting: I was staying in my old bedroom, and visiting my grandparents, and spending time around my whole family and my old friends. Sometimes I would stop and have to realise "Wow. I haven't been here since the winter. And I live in Victoria and have a husband."

This was especially strange when I went to a wedding on the weekend. Two of my high school friends got married in Moose Jaw, and the old gang was there. For a few hours that day, I was Old Me again -- telling the same old jokes, part of the same old dynamics, only more self-confident and really well-dressed. (I borrowed my sister's "A-Game" dress.) And then Ky drove me home, along with another old friend of our's (the Queen of East Procrastination, actually), and she dropped QoEP off at her parents' house (she was also here from out of town) and me at mine. As if we were all undergrads again.

It's going to be a bizarre trip back to Victoria. I'm going to land right back into the middle of my life there: Chris will pick me up from the airport and we'll drive straight to a church meeting. And then I'll have to launch back into my regular reading schedule. And it will begin to sink in how long I've been away, as I adjust to everything that's changed in the past three weeks (friends who have finished their theses and moved away, changes Chris has made to the apartment, what Chris looks like now that he's lost another ten pounds, the city in mid-summer).

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