Thursday, May 24, 2007

This and that. Also the other thing.

Of possible interest to those who know them: my cousins Angela and Kelly are spending the month travelling all over Asia, and particularly in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Ang is keeping up a travel blog here: So far, her main update is that they arrived in Bangkok without their luggage.

(My Human Furnace of a husband is baffled by the idea that anyone would choose to go to hot countries.)

We've been really busy lately. And not just with the project of obsessively redecorating our home. (Once you begin dealing with projects that you've been avoiding for years, you find so many more of them. On Monday I found myself sewing, beginning all the projects that I've intended to do for the past year.)

What's been really occupying our brains and time lately is the possibility that we may have found a teaching job for Chris next year. Nothing's certain right now, but right before the long weekend, we got a call inviting Chris to apply on an opening at a small private school where he knows the principal.

Ever since, we've been going through the clich├ęd rollercoaster of emotions. Freaked out by how quickly our life plans are changing. Giddy by the fact that he was asked to apply, and also giddy about how perfect this job would be. Scared that maybe we're acting like this is too sure of a thing. Frightened by the potential of all the competition. Worried about what next year will be like if he doesn't get the job. (Yes, I know that he'll just continue on with the job that he has. But, somehow it'll be harder.) Encouraged by remembering that he'll at least get an interview.

It's taken over our brains. It's all we think and talk about, around here. Suddenly, we're looking up provincial curricula (is that the plural of curriculum? curriculums?) and talking over how he'd teach each class. We're combing over his application materials and talking over his Statement of Faith (it's a Christian school). We're over-analysing the school's website, and the job posting.

We've been unexpectedly thrown back into limbo. And my brain's figuring out how to process it. (I really want to be excited, but there's a part of my brain that's too scared of the uncertainty to let me be excited.)


lifexhistory said...

Eeek! Just imagine how much your mind will be reeling when you're applying for jobs on a huge scale.

Best of luck with Chris' application!!!!

Julia H. said...

It's so funny that your furnace of a husband can't understand why people would go to hot countries, and my furnace of a husband has been to all three of those hot countries and had the time of his life. There's always a way to cool down. Just ask the locals!

arimich <> said...

I enjoy the heat here now, and the cooling down is so much more refreshing. You two are welcome to come visit me in any hot country in which I happen to live.

That's so exciting about Christopher's job opportunity! I will be obsessively checking your blog now. (Not that I didn't before.) Yay!