Friday, May 25, 2007

Extra Mom from Hong Kong

Are Chris and I just the types who pick up Extra Parents everywhere we go? Seriously, everywhere we go, we have Extra Moms and Extra Dads and Extra Grandmas who want to keep us and take care of us, and maybe have us take them shopping for dresses (as we're doing with one of our Extra Grandmas from church, tomorrow morning).

Our landlady Joyce has clearly appointed herself as one of our extra moms. She's forever making sure that I'm getting outside enough, or am eating properly. When our neighbourhood had a garage sale last year, and I was out of town, she monitored Chris to make sure that he sold more than he bought.

Today, Joyce came downstairs to tell me about this year's Block Watch garage sale, and I told her about Chris's job prospect.

QoWP: Joyce! I have some good potential news for you!
Joyce looks extremely excited already.
QoWP: Chris may get a teaching job for next year! Out in Langford!
Joyce's face falls.
J: Then will you want to move out to Langford to be close to the job?
QoWP: Of course not! It makes more sense for us to live close to the University. It's no problem for Chris to drive out there.
J: Oh good! I was so worried that you'd go away from us! We want you to think of this as your home and stay as long as you want! [Gets a sly look on her face] So, Chris might get a job, and you're not moving to Langford. That's two pieces of good news. Do you have good news number three?
QoWP is confused: No, just that.
Joyce reaches over and pats QoWP's stomach: I was hoping you'd have other good news... about family?
QoWP: But I'm still going to school for the next few years!
J: You don't want to wait too long! You must start making plans!

That's right. Our landlady's pressuring us to have kids. (Thankfully, our real parents behave themselves beautifully.)

(Note to self: Don't begin conversations with "I have good news!" anymore. Somehow, I've hit the age where people assume that "good news" means "pregnant.")


arimich <> said...

That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

ooh, I've had hordes of extra moms! my husband and I don't seem to acquire them as a pair, though we have picked up a few extra grandparents.

the "good news" think reminds me of my actual grandmother. she started telling me not to wait too long when I turned about 23. Cuz, you know, the uterus is likely to disintegrate after age 25.

Anonymous said...

thing, not think.

Teacher Lady said...

Strange how there is a point were pregnancy goes from good news to bad news.

Julia H. said...

When I was spreading the news about my new job (where Meg works!) I had a similar conversation with one of my friends from church. I said, "Guess What!" she said, "You're pregnant?!" I said, "Good grief no! I got the job!" She said (disappointed), "Oh! that's good, too!"

Leah said...

Last week, a Ph.D. student friend of mine (who was quite excited about our pregnancy and has been talking a lot about when they'll start trying) began a sentence with - "And we're having a baby *pause* shower for my girlfriend..." Knowing that she wasn't pregnant, I laughed and said she might want to not start sentences that way, if she doesn't want to see that anticipating thrilled look fall into masked disappointment!

Glad you have extras to take care of you!