Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The current state of my procrastination

Time: 3:53pm

I'm working until: 4:30, or whenever Chris gets home. Whichever happens first.

After that: I'm making some kind of food and going to a "Girls' Night" (but with my great-aunt, my mother's cousin, and a couple of ladies from church -- whee!)

Music: "Lucky Man," Lake and Palmer Emerson. And now "The Flowers Never Bend in the Rainfall" by Simon and Garfunkel. (It's my "Mellowish Mood" playlist. I construct playlists around moods.)

I'm avoiding reading: Government Party by Reg Whitaker (1977). It's a descriptive (read: self-proclaimed old-fashioned) history of the Liberal Party.

I'm silly because: I'm trying to read at home, while listening to music with words (that distracts me like nobody's business), with my computer on and right beside me. Right.

I feel justified in doing this because: The pressure and hectic pace of the past week and half are now over! Huzzah! I only have to read one book a day, instead of four!

The problem is: Without the pressure, I lack the motivation to do anything.

Even after: Two cups of coffee and half an hour under my SAD lamp. (Okay, more the equivalent of one cup, but I add a lot of hot milk and syrups to my coffee.)

But it's not like: I've done anything active today. Of course my head's fuzzy if I've sat around all day!

Okay: Back to work. I only have half an hour until Chris gets home.


Limon de Campo said...

I hear you, sister. I'm facing the same procrastination woes. In fact, I am procrastinating right now. Are you??

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ha. At this exact moment, of course I'm procrastinating!