Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Can someone e-mail me new sinuses? I'm about finished with mine.

In fact, I'm writing this with my glasses perched on top of my head (in spite of my extreme nearsightedness), because they hurt my sinuses right now.

And my brain doesn't work anymore. I forgot how to say the names of letters while teaching a class. Reading the letters ICSC got me all tripped up.

However, incidentally, somehow the math portion of my brain is working better than usual. I corrected Chris's math today, which has never happened before. (But made me so triumphant.) Seriously, I take him shopping so that he can be my calculator.

Hm. Maybe Chris has my cold, too, and the only symptom is he's forgetting math. (One time, we were both sick, and we became each other. I was hot all the time, eating voraciously, wearing my watch all the time and always knowing what time it was. Chris was constantly cold, couldn't eat, and lost his watch. I definitely got the better end of the deal, especially when Chris started hallucenating about Russian blankets, but that's his story to tell.)

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May-B said...

I would so have ridden my pony if I got to correct Chris's math. Awesome. High five for Mary.