Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bringing Back an Old Stand-By

Time: 1:05pm

Location: PhD office

I am wearing: Burgundy zip-up bunnyhug sweater, purple polo shirt, brown dress pants, navy argyle knee socks, brown leather shoes.

I have consumed most recently: leftover farmer sausage (we found some at Superstore!), celery, apple, raisins. Lots of raisins.

And the tea of the day: Monkey King Jasmine.

I am listening to: Bongo drums being played somewhere outside. You heard me. Bongos. (Earlier, it was a trumpet.)

I am procrastinating from: Reading this book that I'm teaching tomorrow. I'm having a meeting to discuss it in twenty minutes.

High points of the day: Having the office to myself for most of the day, getting a good discussion going with my students, having tea with the department's other Germanist.

I am considering: Walking home from school today. It's a beautiful day.

Reservations about this plan: Is my backpack too heavy to do that? And I'm not wearing my runners, and so I have no arch support. While my back be in pain, as a result of this decision? Or will I feel better for having walked so much?

Making me smile: Flowering trees and bunnies hopping around outside my window.

Best parts of the new office: Window to the outside (where I can watch bunnies and flowering trees), and the adjoining common room (where I can sit down for tea with people).

I am feeling: Shockingly cheerful and optimistic.

Word of the day: bees. I like to say that word a lot. Especially when I'm cheerful. Bees. Bees. Bees. Say it with me!

My fears about the probable reader response: This overwhelming cheerfulness might alienate what readers I have. Except for Ariann. She's more cheerful than I am. At least I'm not talking about Hello Kitty.


Big C said...

I'm a big fan of cheerfulness. Just because I have a surly demeanour does not rule out the appreciation.

I'm also for the free-walking. Good times.

arimich <> said...

Hey! (I'd type some sort of clever response here if I weren't so loopy; right now I'm just proud to have all the letters in all the right places.) Watch your back, Miss Mary. ;) Eventually you'll come over to the dark side.

Matthew said...

I'm fully supportive of the "walking home" plan. Yay for exercise! And it will take more than cheerfulness to alienate me.

I get to go home tomorrow for a while! And to Regina! Yay!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hooray for Matt getting to go home!

I was lazy (okay, tired) and took the bus home. Well, I got to walk a bit then, and I'll have to go for more of a walk this evening.

May-B said...

I am against all cheerfulness. Except Arian. She is allowed. No one else though. I draw the line there.

Anonymous said...

I'm being cheerful! And I LOVE the word BEES too! It makes me think of GOB.

kathy a said...

you get bunnies outside your office???? lucky you!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kathy a, my whole university is populated with tame bunnies. It's the best thing we have going for us.