Saturday, March 04, 2006

Who has time to have a cold?

I think Chris brought a cold home from work, a cold which is now making its course through its household. And by "this household" I mean "Chris and me." I guess I should have seen it coming: we've both been sleeping in a bunch this week (I can not have enough sleep; I sleep all the time) and I've been even more cold than usual. Yesterday it struck Chris, and today it's hit me. We've made some more cream of broccoli soup, with lots of cayenne pepper, and I'm going to see how quickly I can beat this.

If I'm sick on Tuesday, I can't go to class (my prof has requested that we not come to his class sick, because of his low immune system). If I can't go to class, I have even more work to do, because I'm supposed to give a presentation in class, and I'll have to write it up and send it in, and maybe have someone else read it out. Boo!

Until then, well you now understand why the posting has been sparse lately. I've been in the process of writing a requiem for my old Rustbucket of a car (which died recently, according to Karl's reports), but that's a lot of thinking for this little brain right now.

Excuse me while I go make myself read a really complicated article. Booooooo! My eyeballs hurt.

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