Monday, March 27, 2006

Tea for the Tillerman

Time: 2:36pm

Number of essays marked: only 3, but in my defense I've been racing to prepare a presentation for tomorrow.

Conclusion: I'm probably not going to be done all twenty by Thursday, am I? I can take the weekend as well, if I need to.

I am listening to: Cat Stevens

Blogging lost items, in the style of Profgrrrrl: what happened to my O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack? Have I even seen it since I moved? Meg, do you have two copies of the soundtrack?

On my mind: my allergies, because I've been reacting to mine. It's gotten me thinking that I need to search for even more unscented products. Any recommendations for a good unscented shampoo and conditioner?

Okay. Now I'll get back to marking. At least I'm doing paid-by-the-hour work right now. That's always pleasant.


Meg Persson said...

No, I don't think I have your CD.

Meg Persson said...

Maybe Ky ate it.

Ky said...

I promise I didn't eat it.

Although I did borrow it once for months.

But I promise I don't have it. Otherwise, I'd be listening to it LIKE CRAZY!

Kristiface said...

No-- I think you could definately grade 20 exams by Thursday! I've had to grade 20 in one night once! (Yuck! I try not to do that often!).

How goes the presentation preparation?