Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm all wiggly

Do you know what's the best feeling ever? Feeling better, after a cold. It's like I can't get enough of breathing and swallowing stuff. Food tastes better. The air seems sweeter. I was downright wiggly with joy today.

And THEN I went outside, for the first time since Sunday. That was a glorious feeling. The sun came out, to celebrate the event. And I discovered how many flowers had bloomed since I last was out! There are heaps of purple blossoms along our walkway now! Heaps of them!

The bus driver was friendlier. The campus bunnies were hoppier. I got a million and one things done today. I was unstoppable.

The day after you've had a cold: always the best day ever.

I am wearing: Chat Noir t-shirt, jeans, and I currently have bare feet resting on top of my rubber-soled slippers. (I just had a hot bath, and that makes my feet overheat. It's the only time my feet are too warm.)

My progress, presentation-wise: well, Chris essentially sat through my presentation at supper time. I'm checking a bunch of stuff in books before I actually write it, but it should be fun! I've discovered that I like presentations, because there's only so much research you can do, and you necessarily have to simplify things. And then you get to get to open it all up to discussion.

Blogging my supper, just because Lyn called such practices boring: ribs -- marinated in Szechwan sauce -- with chicken broth-infused rice and vegetables.

Weird news of the day: I just got word that I'm, at last, fully a student here. Until now, I've been a "provisional student." I had all the priviledges of a full student, but I had the knowledge handing over my head that they didn't have all my paperwork. You see, they needed proof that I'd graduated from the last place, and that didn't happen until November. And then my first set of transcripts that I had sent from the old University somehow didn't have marked what date my degree was conferred. And so I had to have them re-sent. What's been happening in the past couple of months, since they received those transcripts, I can't tell you. They never said that academic institutions were efficient. But now, a week before the final day of classes for the year, I am fully a student here. Wheee!

The line in my book where my eyes fell, I kid you not (considering Ky and my recent discussions): "[Emile Jaques-Dalcroze] started out as a music teacher in Geneva, where he had developed a concept of 'rhythmic gymnastics': a form of collective dance very different from the martial drills of the German gymnastics movement." (Mattew Jeffries, Imperial Culture in Germany, 220). Is this a sign? Am I supposed to take up dancing with ribbons? Am I supposed to (at long last) research why on earth Germans had such an affinity for gymnastics? Who am I? Where's my dinner?

Challenge for the day: The person to identify the hidden movie quote in this blog post gets dubbed Mayor for the Day of West Procrastination's capital city, Procrastinatonia. Unfortunately, this challenge has been seriously skewed toward Ky winning. I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

"Where's my dinner?" Pleasantville!


Shannon warned me that there was a quote and a challenge for me to get it first.

I thought it was "Food tastes better. Air smells sweeter." at first, and it was driving me crazy.

But the moment I saw "Where's my dinner?" I knew.

Pink Cupcake said...

Glad that you are feeling wiggly! :) You're absolutely right that there's no better day than the one after a cold.

Hope your presentation goes really well and that the campus bunnies are even hoppier than yesterday!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kylee-Anne, you are Mayor of West Procrastinatonia for the day! Yay! Yay!

The funny thing is that, after I published it, I found so many more movie references (rhythmic gymnastics - Old School; "I'm all wiggly" is a derivative of "you're all squiggly" from Wayne's World 2...). Essentially, most things I say are fairly derivative.

Shannon said...

Can I be Ky's deputy?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Shannon: deputy mayor for the day, because she made Ky read my blog.

Janny said...

Mary, you should also smoke while on the gymnastic rings.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Have you ever seen Vince Vaughn and me in the same room? Exactly.

Chris Reed said...

AAAHHHHH!, you are not Vince Vaughn because I refuse to be married to Vince Vaughn. Although you could then introduce me to all sorts of cool, famous people. So maybe you are Vince Vaughn but if thats the case then you have a lot of explaining to do. (for instance why do have so little money?)

Meg Persson said...

You have so little money because Mary spends all of it on tea, just like I taught her.