Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wait a minute...

I defend on the 19th. Tomorrow is the 12th. That means that I defend in a week, from tomorrow.

That means I should re-read my thesis, doesn't it? Hm. What else should I do to prepare?

(I have been processing thoughts on my methodology, to explain if I am challenged on that. It's a good thing I've been doing this reading for Dr. New Supervisor. But I need to go back over some of my primary sources and things, even to remember all the names of the characters and everything. Getting married, moving across the country and generally letting my brain atrophy since I handed in my thesis is the equivalent of going on a book tour for something that you published more than a year ago, I think.)

Okay. I'm going to stop procrastinating, and I'll print off a hard copy of my thesis. That's a good project for tonight. I feel useful already.

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Janny said...

You also need to get some wonderwoman underoos for your defense (thesis defence that is).