Monday, August 29, 2005

Return of the Rainy Season

So, apparently it just doesn't rain here all summer, and people let their grass die so that they finally get a break from mowing it. Because you keep mowing the lawn all winter. I can't begin to describe how weird that is for a Saskatchewan girl. But yesterday it started raining again, and it's barely stopped since. The grass is starting to get greener already -- this is also surreal to me. Am I really living in Canada?

I've started many blog posts this weekend, but couldn't think of much to say. We didn't end up going to Kelowna for the weekend, as we had planned, because we couldn't afford it. We did go over to a friend's house on Saturday evening, however, which was really nice. It's so strange to me that this friend and I have spent so many years apart, after being so close when we were young. There are ways in which we know each other so well that you'd think we were family, and yet there's this blank of several years of crucial development where we're still learning about each other. But we've both discovered that the change has been for the better, and we're actually more alike now than before! I needed to discover that, moving out to a new place.

All this new change is good for me. I'm growing.


Becca said...

i love just hearing how you are doing... o the adjustments eh?...

arbonnais said...

Fear not. The last week of August is always rainy, but this isn't actually the beginning of the rainy season. That'll come in October/November. September is usually pretty nice. Don't worry about the weirdness - by the time the daffodils bloom in February, you'll be gloating about the weather like a native. (grin)