Saturday, August 13, 2005

Honeymooning in Ucluelet

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I greet you from my honeymoon on the west coast of Vancouver Island! That's right: I blogged my wedding, and now I'm blogging my honeymoon.

After two long weeks without internet (I've missed you all! Two more days!) Chris and I were beside ourselves when the proprietor of our bed and breakfast told us that our room has high speed internet. "Can we spend time on the Internet tonight?" asked Chris.

By way of explanation: we decided to have a long weekend as a honeymoon, but we could only afford to stay for one night in a hotel. Therefore, we decided to spend Friday doing whatever we wanted exploring Victoria, and then drive to the west coast and spend a night in resort country. "Doing whatever we want" in Victoria ended up meaning "spend the day reading and watching movies, revelling in our sloth." It was awesome; I needed that break.

I highly recommend Ucluelet. It's gorgeous! (Message to Meg and Karl: Pleasant View B&B. $140/night for a suite with hardwood floors and a fully stocked kitchen. It's like a really, really nice apartment.)

Chris is having fun reading through the different danger warnings in an information pamphlet. He loves all the rock slide warnings on the road and all indications that this is not Saskatchewan: the environment could kill you here. I think I've married a thrill-seeker. Today's drive included more of my husband cheering. He apparently likes this island.

You know I'll be updating more, before we leave. Yay, internet!

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