Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gears Start to Move

So, the job situation has been all over the place today. First, Chris heard from the Christian school with the news that they already filled the supervisor position, and only have a 3 hour/day position left. But then the kind lady called back, having talked to her brother who works for the district of Saanich (our district). Apparently, Saanich is hiring some youth rec directors and workers, some of which positions are full time, and all of which pay really decently. And Chris fits the profile perfectly, with his two years as a camp director and his education degree. And that got the fire under us, with the job search. It turns out that the school divisions have also just posted their last-minute job postings. And so Chris will apply for all that now. Is it bad that we're more hoping for the Saanich posting? Way better pay.

And things are moving with me now, too. I finally found the notebook from my meeting with Dr. New Supervisor, the last time I was in Victoria, and I found the name of the book that I'm supposed to read and process before we meet again. I looked it up on ABEBooks (since I really can't access any academic library at the moment, being in transition), and it turns out that there's a copy here in Victoria! At UVic! At the Student Union Building Used Textbook store! And so Chris and I are going to walk to the University this afternoon. I'm really at a really high speed right now, and so it shouldn't take me long to finish and process. You know, I'm glad to have had this break for my brain, but now I'm antsy to dive back in. I crave analysis. German translation is so non-creative.

Welcome back, brain.


justanothergirl said...

Okay, I have to say it.

Hey Shania, wan' a Saanich?

ps - you live right by my aunt and uncle - weird!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Amanda, I just sent an email to Maryanne in which I said, "Hi, I'm Perry Nayis. Wanna Saanich?"