Tuesday, August 16, 2005


So, today is my turn to be sick. I'm mostly better now, but I'm taking it easy. Nonetheless, it's a good excuse to sit on the futon, wearing my embroidered periwinkle blue housedress, listening to the Oklahoma! soundtrack (the housedress from Ky makes me feel like when we used to prance around her house in dress-up clothes, singing along to "Many a New Day") (did I just admit that?), watching Northern Exposure season three and playing on the computer.

I'm determined to be better in time for supper, because we're going out for dinner with some potential couple friends! Hooray. (The wife went to high school with Ky, and we knew each other when she went to the UofR for first year.) It feels oddly like a blind date; I've never had to start again in a new city and make friends for myself. But I'm very excited: Aimy is a good time, and I suspect our husbands will get along famously.

Provided that my stomach stays in one place.


Anonymous said...

Hoorah!! Tell me how it went. I miss Aimy tonnes.
I'm so glad that you're back, although I had to do a lot of reading to catch up. ps. Amanda and I made up that seeing Ben Mulroney thing. I can't believe that people actually bought that.
Have fun dancing to "many a new day", my friend.
ps. I loved that in one of your bloginations, you spelt "specializes" "specialises." Hoorah to British spelling!

Anonymous said...

I said ps. twice. I'm such a dork.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

We ended up postponing getting together, because I still have rumblies in my tumbly. I'm going to continue to rest, and perhaps watch some more Northern Exposure.

Anonymous said...

Becca just said the word "shitless". I think I'm corrupting her.

It was good talking to you. How much is gas in Victoria?

-your random ex-wife.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

108.9. Last week it was 104.9 (the Wolf), but then it went up by FOUR CENTS!!! We filled up in Duncan, on our way home from Ucluelet, because gas was still at 104.9, and because Payless Gas offers 3.5 cents/litre off at the pump.

Three comments:
a.) Meg just swore on my blog.
b.) I've come to a place where a gas price still above a dollar a litre is "worth filling up before we get home."
c.) I love Payless Gas. We're never going anywhere else.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

My MOM reads this blog!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry Mrs. and Mr. C. Sometimes I forget that adults read this too. :-( All apologies. I'm in a very wierd mood today.

But you have to admit said word was strange coming from Becca.

You can delete my comment if you want. I didn't mean any offense by it.