Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quick Update With Good News

I finally broke down and e-mailed my department head, to ask him what's going on with my thesis. (Dr. B said I'd hear before I left Regina.) I just heard back tonight: my thesis has been approved for defence by the departmental committee, and has been forwarded to the external examiner (a prof from the German department -- he's really good, and exactly who I was hoping for in an external; I'm really glad he's available and not the English prof who was the back-up. She would have been too theory-based and far too women's studies from a stereotypical angle for me. Karl, if you're reading this, you know who she is. Remember the day she guest lectured for your women's lit class.)

So, now I have something to tell the History department here. It's definitely my next hurdle, but at least I have something concrete to tell them: my thesis was submitted for defence in June, it's been approved by the departmental committee now, but due to the difficult time constraints of summer, it may be the first week of September before I defend. (At which point I am tacitly asking them "Please have mercy on me.")

By the way, the most recent Piled Higher and Deeper is far too familiar:

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arimich <> said...

It's nice to see you again, Mary. I missed you!

Love, Ari <><