Monday, July 25, 2005

Sweet, sweet computer access

I'm back! I've finally returned from a week of honeymoon/computer woes. I apparently forgot my power supply cord for my laptop at home, and only had enough power left on my battery to connect to the (dial-up) internet and download my e-mail. Including an e-mail from Dr. B informing me that the readers had my thesis, and wondering if we could meet after I got back. After a couple of days of being unable to track down any internet access, I called my dad to check my university webmail and transcribe an e-mail to Dr. B. When he got to my webmail he discovered that Dr. B had subsequently sent me two e-mails. One informed me that his and the readers' copies of my thesis were missing four (random) pages, including the abstract! (The other e-mail contained feedback from one of my readers -- very positive.)

Okay. I can guarantee that those pages were in my thesis when I submitted it for photocopying to the departmental secretary. I went over that thesis a million times before handing it in! Of course the abstract was there -- it was the first page after the table of contents and I read it over a million times! Unfortunately, the secretary's away on vacation, and so even if she had the missing pages somewhere, no one would be able to access them. Dr. B wanted me to e-mail him a digital copy of my thesis, but it was on my (hibernating) computer!

Lesson #1: Save a million copies of your thesis, in several places. I have previous drafts on my memory key (at home, but accessible for my father) and on my university's netstorage (very easily accessible), but I forgot this time.

Thankfully, Derek came out to visit us on Saturday, and brought with him my sister's power cord. It's not perfectly compatable with my computer, but my computer allowed me about half an hour more of usage, wherein I e-mailed Dr. B and sent him the digital copies. I still haven't heard back from Dr. B.

I'm trying not to freak out.

I'll have to update more this week. I have a bunch of entries stored up in my head -- mostly one about how hilarious life is, being married to Christopher. Now I have to go pack up my apartment. We're moving to Victoria this week!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the future blog entries telling of marriagedom. But I am super sad that you are leaving us so soon. Sigh. Be sure that Lyn gets that other gift to you two.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Other gift???

Becca said...

crazy Mary...that's crazy... sad Becca, Mary's leaving... happy Becca - she has Chris


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Becca has Chris!? I am so confused right now. He's now claiming to be talented. (Of course he's sitting beside me. We don't wander very far from each other, now that we actually get to see each other every day.)

Anonymous said...

You had wedding/computer woes? Does that mean you had wedding woes? That would be sad.
I'm sad now because I won't see you very much (ie: every day) anymore. You've left big roommate shoes to fill. I'm not sure Karl could ever compete. :) Please at least make time for a good-bye hug (more for my benefit than for yours, I'm sure. Be forewarned - I might bawl).

I should really learn to read my comments before I post - I just left a message on Becca's blog that makes no sense.

Oh well, off to play with the Ramsey's! Love you!


p.s nice pic!