Monday, July 18, 2005


I'm married. Weird.

On another note, the wedding and reception were perfect. They were hilarious! The antics flowergirl of the 2-year-old flower girl (Wee Girly) kept us from being too nervous or teary. And apparently I was very much myself (I did a fist-pump and said "Yesss!" when Chris had to say "I plight my troth to thee" in the vows, as we had half jokingly instructed the officiant to include.)

And I got the procrastinator's dream present: Ky, Lyn and Nathan gave me three seasons of Northern Exposure. And Derek gave me the series of Fantastic Four. Awesome. I will never get a PhD.

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Anonymous said...

Hey--those gifts are totally for Christopher, too. Remember how you plighted your troth, and so he gets all your worldly endowments, too?
Christopher will love Marilyn. I just know it.