Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Internet Doppelgangers!

This girl Daniela has just declared me to be her internet doppelganger/soulmate. Of what I've read so far, I tend to agree. (But I've only read the post in which she declares me as such.)


Anonymous said...

Ohmicraziness. Daniela is someone I have classes with!! She's awesome! And she loves Northern Exposure too! And now I'm terrified that she's read the retarded entries on my blog! Crap.

Daniela said...

I actually must say that "soul mate" might be too strong of a word, but I was just so surprised to find a NX fan. I actually only read the part of your blog about Northern Exposure. But hey, it's as close to an internet-soul-mate as I may get!

Ky? Is that you? Ky from Kathleen's class? Hi! This is cool...but also very weird. It's one big weird situation.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Yeah, speaking of doppelgangers... Ky (my cousin and maid-of-honour) gave me the Northern Exposure DVDs. Well, her, her researcher sister and our PhD student friend. Because they know the power of procrastination.

LynnieC said...

Do I EVER know the power of procrastination. I managed to put off calling people in Nova Scotia for 3 days because I was scared of what they'd say. Their husbands, sons and brothers were exploded in a mine and I had to call and say "hey, I'm a total stranger. How about we talk about the most painful thing that's ever happened to you?"
Surprisingly enough though, everyone was really nice and totally wanted to talk about it. It was cool.
Hey, did I tell you I spent an hour talking to an 85 year old man about Schooners? It was fun. He was nice. He told me that if ever I was in Ottawa that I should give him a call and he'd show me pictures of boats...it was weird.
Hey, why don't I just post this on my own blog?
Will do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linnie - I put off calling people in Nova Scotia because of what they'll say too! Oh wait, the people I avoid calling are my parents... :p

Meg L.