Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Why do I get myself so worked up? I heard back from Dr. B today, and we're going to try to get together to talk (and to get my wedding present) before I leave. The changes that the reader suggested are just for the after-defense final submission, and it's looking like the department's going to approve my thesis for defense. Huzzah!

Now I must get back to packing. I have an irate husband who noticed that I was blogging during our precious little packing time. (But it's progressing!)

Good developments of the day:
  • We have a phone and internet account in Victoria now! A new phone number is still coming.
  • SGI let Chris transfer the car registration to me (we made it a gift to a spouse, and so that takes care of any other concerns) and so we can keep our Saskatchewan plates. Meaning the only BC ID we'll need is Chris's driver's license. (Yay, Saskatchewan letting us keep our health cards! Yay, full-time student!) Life is now much cheaper. In other news: I'm suddenly a car owner and Chris is not. I lord this over him.
  • I will be fine regarding my thesis!

Today is a good day.


Janny said...

Explain to Chris that posting on your blog saves you time from talking on the phone. We all know that can be a long time.
I love my sister.

Ky said...

Oh Mary. You've gone. I'm sad.
I hear that the portrait photos were excellent. When do I get to see them???
I miss you already.
Hope you like the cds.