Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm Getting Married in the Morning...

To Do, on the Day Before the Wedding:
  • Ensure I have no further nosebleeds (total nosebleeds yesterday = 5).
  • Buy Chris's wedding present.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Buy a case of water bottles, for the wedding party.
  • Wrap thank-you presents.
  • Scan photo of Chris and me. Send photo to Chris's parents.
  • Write my after-vows speech.
  • Hair appointment: 2:00pm. At the hair appointment, confirm everything for tomorrow.
  • Get Mom to pick up my dress.
  • Decorate, decorate, decorate.
  • Contact a heap of people.
  • Finish place cards.
  • Rehearsal, rehearsal dinner.

That's all I can think of right now. Today's going to be crazy.

Newest weather forecast for tomorrow: 26 Celsius, with a 40% chance of thundershower. Let's hope it doesn't rain during pictures, but is nicely overcast so that we can do all the pictures we want.

And speaking of crazy: Staples messed up a bunch of the programs, and so my sister went back there and made them re-do them. The manager did them herself, and then had them folded for free. This reminds me of the gong show that was invitations... But the programs are gorgeous; Janice did a really good job with them.

And that's all for now, from the craziness that is wedding preparations.


Becca said...

God Bless You Mary... both now, tommorrow and always... wish I could be there... I know that God will be smiling on you tommorrow - for you are a beautiful part and reflection of the bride of Christ. You are a godly woman, an example... and a blessing....
my prayers and love will be in with you here...

Kristin said...

So exciting! Trust me, being married is so much fun, so normal yet so comfortable. Have a great day Maryanne, can't wait to see the pictures, relax and enjoy your day!

justanothergirl said...

miss mary (and mr. chris), hope the day is fabulous out in regina, and that everything runs smoothly. i know you've had a hard week leading up to today, and here's wishing for clear sailing from now on. i'm thinking about you out here in ottawa, and hoping your weather in regina is as beautiful as ours is out here.


Jen said...

The programs were excellent!