Monday, May 02, 2005

Early Morning Blogging

I first awoke at 5:30 this morning, because that's when my alarm went off; after all that, it turns out that I'm not going to Brandy's until 11:00, because she's taking the morning off (still sick). I have two stories for you. Excuse the typographical errors: I need coffee. (I just went back and looked at that last sentence and discovered that I had misspelled "excuse" and "typographical.")

Story the First: My Happy Weekend

I had a crazy weekend. The first part was really good: the fondue party went well, and one of the girls stayed overnight (it was supposed to be a sleepover for everyone, but only one could stay). Christine (the girl who stayed) and I had a good talk, and made french toast in the morning! It made me smile.

After taking her home, I returned to an empty apartment; I was feeling antsy and had no plans for Saturday night. Then my phone rang and it was a cousin who was in town for the weekend and wanted to know if I had plans for Saturday evening! And so, on the spur of the moment, I put together a "Leftover Fondue Party" for my cousin Ian, and invited some of "my boys" -- Former Neighbour Boy Eldon (he came just after handing in the keys to their apartment) and the infamous Ramsey Boys (a couple of my ushers, for the wedding -- they're very tall and tease me like I'm their big sister). We had a very good time, and I discovered this weekend how much I enjoy acting as a hostess. I love getting groups of people together that I think will enjoy each other, and facilitating the good time.

Now Ariann will be jealous; I had a fondue party with a bunch of boys.

Story the Second: My Gross Incompetence

My Sunday was not quite as good, and it was the combined fault of my own neglect and the wedding invitations. On Saturday I dropped off the note card paper and originals for the invitations at Staples, for photocopying. Two different copy centre employees told me that there should be no problem copying our invitations. And so I went to pick them up on Sunday, to be informed that they could only copy the one side, and then the paper became so curved that it couldn't go through the copier (the paper has perforations and pre-folding, and apparently can only go through an inkjet printer). Fortunately, Staples didn't charge me for the copying they did, and paid for half of a new package of note cards (some of mine got wrecked as they tried to get the notecards to go through the copier).

And so I took my computer and the paper to my parents' house, to print the front part of the cards on their printer. And that's where my comedy of errors begins. Apparently, I'm grossly negligent and cannot be trusted to operate a computer printer. First, I managed to print the front on the wrong part of the cards. On all 180 cards. After doing numerous test pages to be sure that I knew how to feed the paper through the printer. Then, I took the forty remaining sheets in the package (that would make 80 notecards) and printed up 80 invitations with the right alignment. However, I didn't notice that my parents' printer imposes a thicker border on the one end of the page, which I cannot eliminate through Word; on forty of the eighty invitations I printed off, there were words being cut off. (And yes, again I printed off a test page first, but somehow didn't notice.)

And so, after hours of work, I ended up with forty good invitations, and 220 that were garbage. I'm going to have to get a couple more packages of note cards and go back to print them at my parents' house. At least I got the RSVP envelopes printed, and Mom and I have made progress on the address database for the main envelopes (although that database was also the source of plenty of headaches).

Was I the one who thought it would be much simpler and cheaper to print up our own invitations, rather than having them professionally printed?


Jeff said...

I Know your pain, printed off my final report for english last year, and i forgot to adjust the margins so when i punched holes i knocked out words on the left hand side. 40 pages toast, then after adjusting the left border i reprinted, and i had jumbled charts and images because the text had moved so much. Another 40 pages gone. Finally got it the third try after scruitinizing the print preview for an hour. Printers can be so finniky.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess it was a good thing that I didn't come into town to stuff envelopes??
Hey! I'm cheezed! We never had our year-old egg roll dinner!! Next time, I guess.

Crazy Legs said...

At least your printer doesn't decide halfway through a printjob that it's going to start spewing papers with nothing but random symbols at the top of the page. I am not making this up.

LisaJay said...

good to know--i'm in the process of picking out invitations right now. have bought some 'print your own' ones because, well, $$$$, but you know i can screw anything with a deadline up. . . (just narrowly averted a bridesmaid dress disaster). i'd better go with the professional ones (and i'd better GET ON IT!).

Jen said...

Poor Maryanne! I can symathize, though I've never been in exactly your plight, but why is it that when it is unimportant, machines work perfectly, and when it is really important, it never co-operates? It's one of life's ironies....