Friday, April 29, 2005

Growing Up

Brandy was off of work today, because she has sinusitus, and so there was no babysitting. And then it's a weekend. Therefore, I spent the day cleaning and de-toddlering the house, for tonight's Girls' Group fondue party! Wow. I listened to grown-up music (to eradicate "Tap Your Sticks" by Hap Palmer, from Baby Songs, from my head). ("Tap your sticks in the air with a one two three/tap your sticks on the floor with a one two three..." It's endless, but it's good for practicing rhythm, and she gets exercise while she does the actions. And she loves it. Like crazy. Meaning I have a lot of Hap Palmer memorised. Shudder.)

Yes, I love my wee girly, but it's thrilling to have my life back for a day.

I had a pleasant evening yesterday. I was having a quiet evening, playing on the computer and looking through old pictures, when the doorbell rang. It was Neighbour Boy Eldon (he and I are pretty much twins; we are very similar in temperment); he came over to encourage me to come outside and "smell the air" with him. Although it was snowing (grumble grumble grumble), it smelled like spring rain. And so we bundled up and went for a walk to the creek, talking "Maryanne and Eldon"-type things, and watching a beaver swim in the moonlight. Then we came back and drank tea to warm up. It was a good way to end off having those boys as neighbours; they're moving out this weekend. I'll miss their unexpected visits (I was usually in my pyjamas; oh wait, I am usually in my pyjamas). It was like having a house full of brothers who always knew if you were fonduing, and loved to reap the benefits of leftovers. (I have a lot of honorary brothers. I tend to collect them.)

I need to make sure that I make more time for people, before they leave for the summer. It's weird, because I've always lived in the University town, and I've always been here when everyone came back. I never lost track of people, because everyone returned to me. But now I'll be gone when everyone returns in the Fall. I'll be having my own new adventures, and making new friends, and adjusting to married life. But who knows how often I'll see these people, this surrogate family that I've developed over the past seven years I've been at this University? My friends and family from church I'll always see; we have camps and everything, and it never changes. But school friends -- this is different. And kind of sad.

I'd better stop getting so sentimental. I still have floors to wash before the girls start showing up at 7:00pm. My last Girls' Group function, after seven years of involvement/leadership.

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