Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Four and a Half

Today, I found myself saying, "This is my last Monday before I get married." I wonder when it'll become real.

This has been a crazy day. We bought the toss bouquet and the garter, a bunch of thank you presents, all the film, photo albums, and the guest book. I drew up a program. We bought the marriage licence. That's right: legally, we can now get married. Did you know that, in Saskatchewan, you have to wait a day until your marriage licence is legal? They give you a day waiting period, presumably, the prevent spur-of-the-moment marriages. You can't just say "We've decided that we're getting married today."

So much University stuff is lurking in the background, and yet I'm buried underneath wedding details. I have a final fitting tomorrow morning!

And with that, I must away to bed.

I am wearing: a pink tank top and pyjama pants.

Days remaining: four and a half

Thank you presents remaining: countless.

Number of people who asked me if I'm getting nervous/excited, or if I'm ready, at Camp: roughly 15% of the 1000 people attending.

Movie goals of the week: Oklahoma! and possibly Newsies, with Ky.

Bedtime: now.

1 comment:

LynnieC said...

What about the Lynnie? Can I watch it too? If not, I'll still let you borrow my DVD so that you can see Max Cassella in bleached-out taper-legged jeans and a leather bombers jacket. Sigh. Wasn't he dreamy?

ps. are you nervous yet? mwahahaha