Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thank you, JCQ...

For pointing me toward a site that made me aware of my identity as a Nigerian spammer:

You are Kairet Mustapha.  You have a heart full of anxiety and sorrow.  Your husband was the Chief Security Officer for the ex-President of Nigeria.  You have $30 million in an account in Ghana though you can't afford a comfortable meal.  You want to give me 20%.


J.C.Q. said...

Ah ha, my pleasure, QOTWP! By the way, I visited the coffee shop you talked about -- Atlantis in the Avord Tower. Hey! That place is great! It's nice to sit out on a busy street and watch all the eccentric people downtown go by. Plus their mint tea is very good.

Janny said...

Who is J.C.Q.?

Queen of West Procrastination said...


Jen said...

Apparently I am now:
Puior the Voratious (Jennifer) or

Sigrior the Angry (Jen) or

Groa the Ready-in-five-minutes (Jen Lastname) or

Þorgerðr , the One who will be killed before the opening credits start when Hollywood makes the movie version of this raid (Jennifer Lastname) or

Bjork the Comedy Sidekick (Thadyne)or

Asdis Thunderfist (full name)

This is so much fun....