Monday, June 13, 2005

Quick Update

So, now I'm in Victoria, and have spent the day meeting with professors, as well as going along to a barbeque with my friend Gillian (she's moving away from here just as I'm moving here, but she leaves behind a good group of friends). Tomorrow's goal: to find an apartment/suite for Christopher and me. We have some good leads.

So, I went to a wedding in Abbotsford on the weekend (an IVCF friend), and it turned out that all of us Saskatchewan friends were put to work, because the bride and groom were doing a lot on their own. We took the bride out for supper the night before (and prayed with her, which she appreciated a lot), and then on the wedding day, we girls sang during the wedding! My cousin Saryn came along to catch a ride to Victoria, and then the bride invited her to come, and then Saryn ended up singing with us and seating people at the reception! I was the parking director. The wedding was beautiful, in the end.

Acquisitions: one skirt (pretty, white and frilly, with a ribbon) and one pair of black linen capri pants; three books from Regent College bookstore, and odds and ends from Chinese and Indian grocery stores.

Modes of transportation: airplane, bus, Skytrain, cars/trucks/vans, ferry.

Beds slept in: four, going on five tonight (Saryn and I are switching).

Houses stayed in: three

Travel companions: eight (including Laura in Vancouver and Gillian in Victoria)

More later -- I don't like taking up other people's computers.

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