Tuesday, June 14, 2005


How much does location outweigh all other features? I looked at a place this morning that was in a perfect location: walking distance to the University, a block from a grocery store, right on a major bus route, and yet in a quiet neighbourhood. The house is old and gorgeous, and the landlord is delightful. The suite itself, however, has ceilings so low that I have to duck through doorways; I have no idea how my nearly-six-foot-tall fiancé would manage that. And the "second bedroom" is actually the living room. You have a choice: a second bedroom or a living room. And there is no bathtub, which is very sad.

But it has the most wonderful coffee shop on the corner! I spent some time at it, after viewing the suite. I sat, drinking a chai latte and staring out the window.

Don't worry, Christopher; there is another suite a block away, which I will view this afternoon. In addition to about five more suites.

This city is endlessly charming. There are flowers everywhere, and British affectations, and tiny shops, and everything else that I love. AND everything is an easy bus ride away! Hooray! This is a joyful point, after spending a day in the sprawling Greater Vancouver Regional District.

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