Saturday, June 25, 2005

News from the Land of Procrastination (West)

Rick Mercer started blogging this week. It's like a happy dream for this household of Canadian political junkies; weird things only happen in Canadian politics when the Monday Report (soon to be re-named the Rick Mercer Report, as it's being moved to Tuesdays) is between seasons. And I love hearing his point of view (and especially rants) when things go crazy. (Oh, for him to have been blogging when Belinda Stronach crossed "the floor.")

In other news, Meg and I are quasi-packing today. Right now, we're combing each other's computer files for things that we want to keep for ourselves. Meg's going through my crazy pictures and found a few gems that I feel compelled to share right now:

LynnieC took this picture from the window of our hotel in Paris. Sometimes she forgets that other people can hear her, and so she was leaning out our window, loudly complaining that she wanted to finish her roll of film, but didn't want to just waste a picture. As she (loudly) wished that something interesting would happen on the street, a man on the street below stooped down, and put a traffic cone on his head. Lyn managed to snap this picture, and then he put the cone down and walked away. This photo we call "Thank you, Mr. Pylon Man!"

Best day ever.

Okay, so on our first (?) day in Berlin, Lyn, Dara and I were wandering around outside our hotel (pictured in the background -- the Hotel Alexanderplatz) and we were approaching the mall in the S-Bahn station across the street, when we saw a giant ostrich wander in to the mall. Of course we followed him, to the weirdest fashion show ever! (It was like, Fashion Through the Ages or something). When we went outside, two girls from our group were having their pictures taken with the giant ostrich, and so either Lyn or Dara snapped this one.

My sister e-mailed me this photo. The subject line was "Is that horse hooves I hear?" and all the message said was "Is that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?" I ended up including this photo in a PowerPoint presentation that I did during the class I taught on "Europe since 1945 in 45 minutes." I was introducing Mikhail Gorbachev, and quickly flipped to this photo with only the explanation, "And here he is in a more recent photo."

This post is also to celebrate the fact that Blogger apparently now hosts photos, without photobucket or hello or anything.


LynnieC said...

Pylon Man. What a good man.
I miss Paris.
Aaah pylon man. There is nothing like pylon man in...PAris!!!

You should put up the picture of Le Speedy Business Lunch.

age of insomnia said...

I thought the "is that horse hooves I hear" comment was an allusion to the myth that a human incarnation of Satan has cloven hooves for feet.

But both interpretations seem to work just fine.

Janny said...

I thought the best day ever was the day you bought Batgirl Barbie and your pink trench coat? I was telling that story tonight because I was singing the Batgirl theme song.

Janny said...

Actually "is that hosre hooves I hear" comment was an allusion to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I figured that if Leo and Gorbie were shaking hands "the sign is nigh". Come on people, keep up with me.
"See? You gotta be quick! You gotta be quick with me! I'm from Erie, P.A.!"

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Man, that also was the best day ever. Especially when I found the Batgirl barbie.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ah, Le Speedy Business Lunch. There is nothing like le Speedy Business ParIS. But the city, she has broken my heart.

LynnieC, do I have a picture of the sign for le Speedy Business Lunch?

LynnieC said...

I do if you don't. You were the one that took it, I think. Or maybe it was Dara. Either way, I've got it.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That was definitely Dara. Maybe I do have it, in my Shoebox of Extra Pictures.