Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Maryanne's House of Dreams

I find it quite appropriate that I'm currently reading Anne's House of Dreams, because it has odd parallels to my life that's approaching. In it, Anne leaves all that is familiar, and from her masses of family and friends, to live near the ocean in a tiny house, with only a small number of people she knows. She's married, and yet she still feels like a child.

I found a place to live. It is a ground-level suite with plenty of sunlight, a twenty-minute walk from the University (it's two blocks away from the unsuitable house that was the subject of my first Pondering). And it looks more like an apartment than someone's basement suite! The family has put a lot of work into it. In answer to my prayers, we have our own washer and dryer! And our office is so long and narrow that Chris and I can split the area in half, to have our own office areas. It was the first place I saw all day that had a separate kitchen from the living room (not a studio apartment) and we have full use of their (beautifully kept, amazing garden) backyard. Oh, and did I mention that, because utilities are included in the rent, I'm actually paying lower rent here than in Regina? And that they let me pay only a half month's rent for July, as a compromise?

I am so endlessly happy about this place; Barb and I were stunned after we first viewed it. I can't believe it's in the same neighbourhood as my new favourite coffee house! And it's on two major bus routes!

The landlords are my favourite part. They really are the sweetest: they are from Hong Kong and have been living in Canada for four years. They are completely in awe of the fact that Christopher's a teacher and I'm going to be a professor, and they can't believe there are no mountains in Saskatchewan. (I've promised to take them out there sometime, so they can see a farm and flat land.) And they are so helpful and ethical: they had legal papers drawn up for the lease, for both of our protection, and we went over the papers carefully. They included a microwave and toaster oven (but will take them out if we don't need them) and have offered that they can provide anything else that we need, if we ask. After spending an afternoon with them, I know we're going to be friends. (I must have Joyce -- her Canadian name -- in for tea, after we're settled in.)

And so, after all that fuss, I have a place to live. Chris and my first home. And this has all happened so quickly; there's a nagging thought in the back of my head asking, "Are you sure you made the right decision? You decided too quickly for me to process." I have a home! And it's on an island! Where you can see mountains! And I'm starting at a new school!

And that's a different story entirely...

(I may be writing out the rest of my adventures after I'm back in Regina. Why is it so surreal that I'm going back to Regina? I'm glad that I am, because I'm already feeling homesick. I saw a call for papers in the History department, for a conference in Regina this summer, and the contact person was my Honours Advisor. And I nearly started crying! I miss my honours advisor! And got really sad sending greetings from Dr. B, bonding with the undergrad secretary over what a sweet man he is! And I was thrilled about looking out at the ocean, because the horizon was so far away! And I've only been here for a week!)


Chris Reed said...

It does sound wonderful. I can hardly wait to see it all. But really you should be used to a horizon that is so far away. After all you can see Regina when you are 20 minutes out of it.

Janny said...

I'm glad you found a good place to live. Jehovah-jireh

LynnieC said...

I miss your honours advisor too. Next time you talk to Dr B, tell him I say hi.
Ps. Your place sounds awesome
Ps2. I'm listening to Cat Stevens.

guile said...

nice, comfy place you got here :)..

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Lynnie: Dr. B wasn't my honour's advisor. Well, not THAT Dr. B, but the one who was our department head and insulted you. Remember?

Chris: I mean that I got homesick for far away horizons. Not that it was weird to see them.

Jen said...

It sure is awesome when things fall into place like that, isn't it?