Thursday, June 30, 2005

Less exhausted now...

I slept in until 10:45 am! I don't remember the last time I got that much sleep, but then again, I really needed that.

It's very strange not having the thesis to worry about. Now, I'm able to set some more priorities. I'm taking my German translation stuff to Camp; it's my next academic priority. (Okay, and taking out and reading the books that Dr. New Supervisor wants me to read before I go out to Victoria, and which will be helpful for me to articulate my theoretical underpinnings in my defense.)

The hard thing is fighting the feeling that I can relax now that the thesis is done. No, actually I should be going to the bank right now, and then calling up Ari so that we can get together and work on wedding music, and then there's laundry for Camp, and packing (for Camp and for moving).

On the up side, I talked with the Bible College (reception site) yesterday, and our reception's now in their dining room instead of their gym. We don't need that big of a space now, and it's easier to decorate. (They were thrilled, because it's easier for them, too.)

And that's all that's new with me.

Oh, and............Christopher's coming home today!

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