Saturday, June 18, 2005

Lazy Saturday...

And lazy Friday, and lazy Thursday...

I just heard back from Dr. B, and now he's saying that he'll have my draft back to me next week. This is me trying not to panic as a result of this thought. This is also me, trying to make myself to do other work and not just treat this time as vacation time. Because it's really really easy, what with the nice weather and all, to treat this time like summer vacation.

But I'm getting married in less than a month.

Less than a month! Wow.

Christopher and I went over the guest list today, and because so many people can't make it, it looks like we'll have about 230 guests, if everyone who hasn't RSVP'd yet comes. I have to confess that I'm deliriously happy about this prospect: that's a hundred less than we invited. That's way more manageable. I think, about a week after the RSVP deadline, if the numbers are still looking like this, I'll call our reception site and see if we can switch to a smaller room than their gym. The cafeteria would be way easier to decorate.

I am wearing: blue pyjamas (blue tanktop with stripey pants)

I am listening to: the hum of the fans, the squeaking of the big turny fan, and the collective typing of my roommate and me.

How'm I feeling? Hot hot hot. No really. I can't get this house cool enough. It's not really that hot outside, but our place holds the heat really well, and the sun is shining in such a way that opening the windows would make it warmer. Maybe I should take a shower. In ice cubes.

Part-of-my-apartment-I'm-going-to-miss Of the Day (inanimate -- like, Meg, of course I'll miss you): The Margaret Atwood Collection. It's flapping in the breeze of the fans, and I actually had this thought today: "Well, it's almost about time to take it off the walls anyway." And that made me sad.


Meg Persson said...

I find the thought of you showering in ice cubes deleriously funny. I really wonder how one could do that.


Meg Persson said...

PS. Squeaky fan doesn't squeak any more. Just thought you should let your fanbase know.

LynnieC said...

I love the benditlikebeckham reference. Brilliant.
ps. panpoops.

Anonymous said...

That was me, not LynnieC who left that last comment. Sorry.

LynnieC said...

THIS is Lyn.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

You're both so dead to me.