Thursday, May 26, 2005

Evidence of the Red

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And now you can see how red my hair was, for a few days. This was a couple of days after I dyed it, and so I'd already been washing it twice a day, to get the colour to tone down a bit, but this is pretty what it looked like. (Okay, so the picture's pretty dark and so you can't see how orange it really was.) Someone needs to stop me now; looking at it, I'm thinking, "Now, that wasn't so bad! Maybe I should try it again sometime."


Anonymous said...

Need I remind you of the pink paleness of you? To dye your hair the colour of your blood showing through your translucent skin is NOT a good idea!! Ok, that was totally way harsh, (and an extreme overexaggeration, in typical us style), but you did request that I stop you.

Life of Turner said...

I suggest dyeing it that colour again next time you want to dress up as Jean Grey for a costume party. Hey! A dress-up superhero night...there's an idea...and we all know who will be Mr. Incredible. (Hint: It's not me.)

Derek out.