Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dead Celebrity Soulmate

Amanda linked to this -- it's like someone was listening in on the weird conversations my friends and I have. Apparently, Edgar Allen Poe is my soulmate.


Anonymous said...

Apparantly he's everyones. That's sad.
Both Lyn and I got him too.
Or, we're all samies. If you said "What the H?" I'd ask if we could be any samier.

justanothergirl said...

No, not everyone's. Mine was P.T Barnum. It's because i'm a dictator, isn't it?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hey, Ky: remember how I was talking on the phone with you and Meg and Karl were being really loud, and I said "What the H"? Yeah, we really are the same person.

justanothergirl said...

i have decided to add that my runner up bachelors were henry the viii, and socrates. should this be sending me a message? i think i need some pills.