Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Changing Gears

Do you know what's a weird feeling? The realisation that you have no impending homework. Yes, I should pre-emptively go over the draft, and do revisions that I notice, before Dr. B gives me his feedback (when I have had some space from a paper, I can predict exactly all the comments Dr. B will make; this is the result of marking papers in his name, or as his TA, for so many years). Okay, yes I should be starting back into German for Reading Knowledge, so that I'm literate in German by the fall. Sssshhhhh... I'm free from homework.

When you are swamped with homework, somehow you think that, once the stress is over, you'll have endless time to do everything. You also don't realise that you've been making plans/promises for everything you'll do "once this stress is over." And then you realise that the stress isn't over. (Yesterday I spent the entire day grocery shopping and washing dishes -- it had been a long time since we had done either.)

This week, I need to:
  • Finish toddler-proofing the house, vacuum and do laundry. Oh, that includes cleaning my room, and eliminating "Mount Kleenex." Disinfect the house.
  • Watch the stack of movies that Meg and I rented yesterday, (three 2-day renters) assuming that "now that the semester is over, we have so much time".
  • Complete the address book for my wedding invitations, export that into a database and print the envelopes, photocopy the invitations at Staples, buy labels for the RSVP envelopes, and print up the RSVP cards.
  • Begin babysitting this afternoon. Her mom's still off from work today, but has somewhere to go in the afternoon and asked if I'd take the kiddy anyway. And then continue to babysit said child for every weekday for the rest of the month. Oh, and she's going through a fairly high-maintenance 2-year-old stage right now -- temper tantrums and all that.

But I'm free! Until Dr. B returns my draft, I have nothing to do! Right?


Kristiface said...

I know the feeling-- I keep thinking "As soon as I get the draft done, I'll have a break" but that's not true; while they're commenting, I'll be formatting.

So then I think-- "When I turn this thesis in...." But then I have to prepare for my summer work, clean my apartment, put my life into some semblence of order.

Have fun with your "break!"

Jen said...

OK, so I just read Chris's blog and-- are you really sure it is the pope? Could it be a hoax? Wh says popemobile, like was on HIS blog? It seems wierd....

P.S. I didn't leave this comment there because if it really is the pope, I didn't want to look like an idiot.

justanothergirl said...

yeah, i'm sure that wasn't the real pope commenting on chris's blog. i hear he only uses the internet to play cbc kids games. and now, he's blaming the demise of his papalcy on me. dang you cbc!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

No, sweetie, it's not the real Pope. Chris was being satirical when he pretended to believe that it really was the pope who was blogging.

And, yeah, Amanda has brought down the Catholic church with CBC Kids' Games, along with my academic career, and Derek's future livelihood (he got the #1 spot in Mighty Mah Jong -- 1.53 seconds).

Jen said...

That's what I thought. Now I feel like a ditz.

That's OK, I am a ditz.