Friday, March 04, 2005

So Far, Today is a Good Day

I just got out of my meeting with Dr. B (now I'm in the Grad Students' Centre), and the meeting went well! He thinks I have a good handle on my paper, and gave me advice about organising my research and my thoughts (but reassured me that this is exactly when I should be learning this lesson, and this is exactly why he thinks people should have to write an MA thesis before a PhD dissertation), and he thinks my Introduction and first chapter are really good for first drafts!

Now, today I need to write a whole whack more of my second chapter, especially so I can justify going to Saskatoon for Saturday and Sunday. I may have to bring homework along, but I don't know when I'd get any done. But I need to go to Saskatoon -- my friend Tina from North Carolina will be up there, and I haven't seen her in two years! She went to Saskatoon a year ago, but it was at the same time as my aunt went into palliative care, and then the roads got really bad and travel wasn't recommended, and so I didn't end up going to see her. But I get to see her tomorrow!

Now I have to get to work. Two hours until yoga. I just thought I'd update to say that I don't feel discouraged! AND he thinks the German 110 course would be a really good idea, and talked with the German department to get more information. Now I need to stop by Grad Studies, not to mention the History office, to find out how to register. And this way I have something to do for three hours every morning, for the two months before I get married. Structure in my life is good.

I am wearing: red sweatpants and a black stretchy zip-up t-shirt thing, with winter boots.

I am listening to: the hum of the flourescent lights. Yuck.

Song currently stuck in my head: "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" (Neil Diamond? Why did I keep thinking it was Andy Kim? I think I was confusing it with "Baby I Love You." Well now, that's stuck in my head.)

Most Amusing Feature of the Grad Studies Room: the leftover decorations from the grand opening (two weeks ago), complete with streamers and shrivelled balloons.

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justanothergirl said...

oh my. i love neil diamond. forever in bluejeans is like my most favorite thing ever. and do you know what i love more than neil diamond? will ferrell as neil diamond. it's like my vision of heaven, but in a non-sacreligious way.

and that song in your head is way better than jennifer lopez in your head, like my day toay. this is how i know i'm doomed for eternity.