Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Recovering From Vacation

I'm back! And I'm slightly less exhausted than I've been for the past couple of days. It's so frustrating being so close to being finished this silly thesis, and yet not having the energy to get much done. Today I need to get everything from chapter three and conclusion finished, and hopefully also handed in. Then, I can get to the pressing matters of this week: Chris is home, and we have lots of plans; the wedding invitations need to be made and mailed; my sister and Grandma are at my parents' house; I need to get things arranged with the dressmaker for the bridesmaids. This is Easter Break for those who are connected to schools that aren't universities (read: my sister and my fiance), and so this is the only week I can get certain things done.

Starting work...now!

But first:

I am wearing: Paris pyjama pants, with a tank top and a green fuzzy zip-up bunnyhug, and black socks. Matching Meg (New York pyjama pants, navy fuzzy bunnyhug, black socks. I put on the black socks on purpose, to emphasise the fact that we're twins right now). I also have some nasty bedhead (I slept in mightily today).

Odd moment of the day, thus far: the train whistled by our house! That's the second time it's done that since we moved in, a year and a half ago. Someone must've been trying to cut across the tracks.

Progress of the balcony snowman: now a smallish lump of snow, since I left. The snowman's scarf is on the ground, now.

Happy discovery: our plants started blooming! None of them did very well during the winter, probably as a result of the draught that comes through our living room. But now -- hooray! (Ari: Krista's leaning over with all of the flowers, and FM is huge!)

Most recent movie watched: Wimbledon, on the evening of Easter Sunday, with Chris. It was enjoyable, albeit light. But really: Paul Bettany. Yay.

I'm out of touch with reality because: I'm insisting upon behaving as if it's actually spring, as opposed to this misty, still-frozen grey world I'm seeing outside.


Life of Turner said...

Must I remind you that FM is actually my plant? It was a test of my maturity after all. Glad to see I'm blooming.

Derek out.

arimich <> said...

Derek: that's quite the test of your maturity, with FM blooming under Mary's care! :)
Mary: Glad to hear they're good, and you as well. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer! :)
Love, Ari

Meg Persson said...

Since we're all taking credit for FM, I'd like to point out that I usually water FM more than Mary does. Does that make FM's growth a sign of my maturity too? I think so.


Becca said...

Oh my dear friends... I think Derek has proved his maturity in knowing he is not mature enough to properly care for the plant and so then placed it in the care of a trusted friend... Mary... where Meg has proved her maturity by ensuring that the care of M&M keeps FM blooming... I think that FM could stand for "fairly mature"... however it is important to consider that it takes a group effort for Derek's wonderful plant to bloom....