Tuesday, March 29, 2005

For Discussion

This post has caused quite a flurry of debate about academic ethics, and how to deal with plagiarists. There's part of me that finds it insanely funny -- probably the part that has dealt with young plagiarists myself. Check it out.

On another note: I am currently in a tizzy, trying to track down a seamstress for the bridesmaid dresses, not to mention for the alterations of my own dress. I thought we had a seamstress, but apparently my bridesmaid hadn't gotten in contact with her yet. And she's booked, apparently. I'm doing better now. And we're tracking down leads on seamstresses. Bridesmaid dresses are going to be the death of me.

On a final note: A correction. FM isn't so much blooming as no longer dying -- she's green and leafy, and will probably bloom soon. The other two African Violets are blooming. The question of the custody of FM will be discussed later.

I shall now return to work. I took a break by having a bubble bath. Good times.


arimich <> said...

Wow, that's a crazy story. I hate plagiarism too, but...wow. I'd love to use that in a class somehow. Totally wouldn't go over with my kids, but maybe someday... Thanks for the thoughts, sweetie. Love, Ari.

Anonymous said...

Maryanne, instead of working on my paper, I have for the past two hours been reading about Laura K. Krishna. You jerk. I may have to IM this guy and ask him to write it for me.