Monday, February 14, 2005

Lists as Distraction Part 2

Silly things that make me irrationally angry:
1. The misspelling of the word "love" as "lurve", often favoured by the internet crowd. Bonus points for extra r's. ie. "I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve Orlando Bloom."
2. Orlando Bloom, or more specifically fans of Orlando Bloom, such as the one who wrote his name in marker all over the library elevator. (Was that last year? I've lost track now.)
3. No bonus extra stuff on a DVD. Well, why did you think I didn't buy the tape? For Scene Selection? Have I ever used Scene Selection?
4. Mean people. It sounds fairly simplistic, perhaps cliched, but yes. Mean people make me angry.
5. People with no sense of humour. Bonus points for taking things overly-literally.
6. Remembering that someone told me that my "arch-nemesis" may at one point have called me "butt-ugly." Because I'm fairly certain that I didn't fall under the "super-hot" category.
7. The Lenny Kravitz cover of "American Woman."
8. That song a couple of years that sampled from "These Eyes," and only took from the title two words. What about the best part of the entire song: "These eyes have seenalottalovebutthey'renevergonnaseeanotherwomanlikeahave with you". Awesome.
9. When people react to, and sound off on, things before they understand them. Bonus points if you're on "The View." I really really cannot watch that show.
10. Most American politics. No, wait: actually a lot of politics makes me irrationally angry. Get me started on Vladimir Putin.
11. Pettiness.
12. Karl. (His idea)
13. New addition to the list: Other people in public places. Especially at live shows, such as a symphony concert, or a play. Bonus points for talking during the play (right beside me, especially!), or for not shutting off your cell phone. Super bonus points for answering said cell phone.
14. New addition: Other cars in parking lots. Bonus points if you're parked in more than one spot at once. Super bonus points if I'm late and there are no spots left in the lot.
15. New addition: Derek, in theory.

Silly things that make me irrationally happy:
1. Shouting "booooooooo!!!"
2. Saying the word "bees."
3. Movies like You've Got Mail.
4. Flowers.
5. Bonus material on DVDs.
6. Rick Mercer.
7. Simplifying fractions
8. Symmetrical things
9. Organising thing. When I have the time/mental energy/gumption/non-laziness to do so.
10. Being barefoot.
11. Wearing pigtails.
12. The ending of Persuasion. I confess that I hugged the book.
13. Good harmony. (I mean in music.)
14. Ironing, unless I'm in a rush.
15. An exciting key change in a song.
16. Candles.
17. Anything that glows, actually.
18. John Corbett, Mark Ruffalo, Colin Firth.
19. Karl. (This was his suggestion.)
20. New addition: Derek, in person. (This made him laugh really hard on the phone.)
21: New addition: Kinder Bueno chocolate. Thank you, Kinder, for bringing it to Canada. It feels like a special occasion every time I buy it from Wal-Mart.

Okay, I'm done making lists. Of people who know me well, anyone else have any suggestions? Anyone else have ones that they would have on their own lists? (I know that the previous sentence had improper number agreement between the noun and the pronouns. I know. I care not. Can you tell I'm being frustrated with the thesis?)


Jen said...

You're wonderful :)...tres funny

arimich <> said...

I love you! That's so funny that you started a VALENTINE's post with things that make you irrationally angry. But your list of happy things made me laugh...they felt like a hug. :) Angry things - mean people/people with no sense of humour who are irrational as well. Grr. Happy things - people (esp. you), elevator buttons, hugs. Blowing you kisses from Taipei, Ari.

Life of Turner said...

The song was "Stick To Your Vision," by Maestro, the artist formerly known as Maestro Fresh-Wes who was responsible for the 1989 club hit "Let Your Backbone Slide." Knew you could count on me, didn't you?

Derek out.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the line was:
"these eyes have seenalottalovebutthey'renevergonnaseeanotheronelike I had with you". We need to look into this. I might lose sleep.