Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Huzzah! Remind me to do this more often. I just finished the first draft of my introduction; a printed copy is now sitting beside me, waiting me to edit it. I must confess that I played a few rounds of Spider Solitaire, and the laundry didn't get done, but I made progress on my thesis! That's good, right?

I am currently wearing: Green courderoy pants, pale blue tank top, and beige sweater. With the rubber-soled slippers. And Dobbin, the little stuffed puppy that Chris gave me before he left for Eatonia, is sitting on my shoulder. Ha! Now I have Miss Mowcher on my other shoulder. Good times. (Miss Mowcher is a stuffed cat, also from Chris.)

Where I am working: On my bed, leaning against the wall. Okay, it's not the best work space, and is probably currently hurting my hips and back, but I needed to mix it up with the work space. I get more creative if I change my scenery periodically.

Page Count: 8 of a projected 85. (85 pages allows a bunch of space for cover page, dedications page, note on abbreviations page, table of contents, appendices and bibliography -- the other stuff really adds up!)

I am currently listening to: "Anyone At All" by Carole King. I love Carole King. I own Tapestry on both record and CD. I'm listening to my "Girly/Mellowish Mood" playlist (I chose that one because I was in the mood to listen to "Circle" by Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians.) Now it's "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Williams. Good mellow driving music -- just ask Chris. A friend of mine once accused me of being a yuppie for my music tastes. I think it was specifically in reference to Simon and Garfunkel. Does a love for late-1960s to mid-1970s quasi-pop-y, quasi-folkish music make me a yuppie? I just think it's pretty. Oh, now it's Eva Cassidy's version of "At Last"! Yay, "I Can Feel It" by Sloan! Woo.

I am currently anticipating: My replacement date for Valentine's Day (the curse of marrying a teacher in a small town -- there's no way he's getting home for it). My friend Derek and I are going to watch The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. This pleases me.

I wish I were: fonduing. That seems kind of quasi-retro yuppie, too. Oh no! I'm reassuring myself that I live far from the East end, and I drive a duct-taped 1987 Tercel hatchback. And I love that car. Oh yeah, and I'm a historian. Historians can't be yuppies, right?

I am currently procrastinating from: making supper (pork chops with rice), and proofreading my introduction.

Oh good: Now I'm listening to Phil Ochs' "William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park, Escapes Unscathed" from his 1968 performance in Vancouver. Less yuppie than pretentious that I love obscure 1960s protest music. This man was a genius.

Favourite Phrase of the Day: "Robespierre robes," from the abovementioned Ochs song.

Hobby of the day: rationalisation.


Chris Reed said...

I have to point out a mistake that is just to funny to pass up.
"a printed copy is now sitting beside me, waiting me to edit it."
Waiting me to edit? I had to mention this because I know your role as the grammar nazi and also because the sentence is about editing. There is the off chance you did this on peurpose but I doubt that. Love you. Please don't retaliate by editing my stuff. I know it has mistakes.

Your Chris

Queen of West Procrastination said...

"peurpose?," Christopher? Okay, okay, it's supposed to say "waiting for me to edit it." I already confessed that I barely edit my blog entries. Meg's harassing me about this all the time. Previously, I wished Janice "saving" driving, rather than "safe." But, I left it, rather than obsessively going back to edit everything later, as is my tendency.

Life of Turner said...

Yay for replacement dates! Depending on how listy (as in top fives, not a misprint of a different vowel)and/or else we are feeling that day, we may also have to incorporate High Fidelity into the scab date! Wee hee! When "Kitty" is away...

Derek out.