Thursday, January 27, 2005

Odd Day...

What a random day. I had a great breakfast meeting with my new co-leader of Girls' Group, and then I had my first yoga class. Boy, am I ever sore after that! It was really fun, and it looks like this is exactly the kind of exercise I need for my wonky hips: strengthening, while increasing flexibility. Today we worked on shoulders. It was fun, and I wasn't really bad at it! My instructor's name is Colin, and he's really mellow, and had no problem with me wandering in late. Afterward, when I introduced myself to him, he said he'd rather have people wander in late and relaxed, than rush in late with tense muscles.

Then, I had my second allergy shot, and hung out with the IVCF crowd at the book table. I had an interesting talk with our staff worker about the possibility of me working on IV staff someday in the future. (I'm not saying I will someday, but it's an interesting possibility, if you're already on campus.) I talked with Chris for a while, on the occasion of our 3-year anniversary. (Classic us: mostly, we made fun of each other, interspersed with some sappiness.)

Then, this evening I went to prayer meeting, and one of the old ladies was telling us about working as an extra on the movie Just Friends that's filming in Regina right now. (I guess she was also working on it in Moose Jaw. I'm not sure that she's just an extra...) She was telling us that Alanis Morissette is in it, but I looked up the movie and Ryan Reynolds is actually the star of it! And so, either the information I can find about the movie doesn't know that Reynolds' fiance is also in the movie, or Alvera assumed that Alanis is in the movie, when she's just really hanging around the set. Who knows?

Wait a minute... I might know next week! Ha! Because my cousin Lyn's trying to convince me to work as an extra on the movie with her, because she doesn't want to go alone. I told her that I will, if I can manage to get my allergy shots as well. That would mean I'd have to get lots of work done, pronto. (Do you know what's a funny word? "Pronto.")

What's with Ryan Reynolds lately? First, Meg and I have this big talk about how much we both liked Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place, realising we hadn't thought of that show in years. And then, the next day, that awful magazine Toro came free with our Globe and Mail, with Reynolds on the cover! Good interview. And then, suddenly, he was all over the place (not that I've seen it, but commercials for Blade: Trinity were all over the place for a while. And then, Amityville Horror...). And now he's in Regina? This is getting worse than the year where everything I watched had George Peppard in it, and I never recognised him, but my brother always did, regardless of Peppard's age and radical changes in appearance. He was always like, "Hey, isn't that Banacek? I think he's also on the A-Team!" And I'd inform him that, no, it's George Peppard, and this is Breakfast at Tiffany's. How was I supposed to know? Michael even recognised Peppard in his final acting role (a guest spot on Matlock), after he was all old and bloated. Me: not so much.

Maybe Ryan Reynolds is in Regina because I claimed that I'm the Berg of this household. (Meg took exception to that claim. Why do I get to be Berg? Because I'm the protagonist of my own story. That's why. I'm also the Lizzie Bennett of my head, the Anne, the Emily, and the Jo March. I don't care what resemblance I actually have to these characters.) If I really am the Berg of the household, by being in the same place we'll create a space-time paradox and the entire fabric of time will be destroyed! Or something like that. (Now, I'll get Chris going...) I digress.

So, that's the randomness of my day. Now I'm going to do a bit of homework before I go to bed.

I am currently procrastinating from: finishing this editing; going to bed.

I am wearing: pyjamas already, because I was too cold in my prayer meeting clothes.

I am nervous about being an extra on a film set: either because I'm an awkward awkward awkward dork in front of a camera, or because I'm even more awkward when I meet famous people. At least Lyn would be there: she's the awesomeness of the awesomes when she meets famous people! She inspired Brent Butt to go on a huge rant about how iced tea without ice is just tea!

I am currently amused by: My IVCF chapter's Flickr group. Funny, funny pictures. (Check out sirsteve's pictures from the Medieval Night. I wasn't there, but they're hilarious!)

As an answer to Meg's Question of the Day: Ireland. Or Germany.

As an answer to Derek's question from my last post: I think High Fidelity just might be in order. Chris is now racing to find a replacement date for Valentine's Day, too! (He'll be in Saskatoon that day.)

Word of the day: "Pronto." Say it a bunch of times. It gets more and more fun to say.

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