Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Beginnings and Attempted Beginnings

Okay, so I spent a surprising amount of the day being productive, and by "surprising" I mean "several hours, okay maybe four. Five at the most." Today was supposed to be my first yoga class (and to those who worry that yoga is too New-Agey for a young Christian girl, think of it as low-impact stretching exercises that won't hurt my hips in the way that running does), and my first allergy shots. Unfortunately, Not Leaving Early Enough And Then Icey Everything (Whoops I Didn't Plug In My Car) kept me from making it to yoga on time. And then it turned out that I need to make an appointment to see the nurse at the University medical clinic, even though it's a walk-in clinic.

So, my allergy serum is safely stored at the medical clinic, and I have my first injection tomorrow morning, and I start yoga on Friday. But, I did get some stuff accomplished! I pretty much finished my thesis outline -- it's 10 pages long -- while working in the library archives. I booked a room for my "Girls' Group" discussion group that I've led for the past 6 years! Huzzah! We'll start Girls' Group on Monday! So, the day wasn't a complete waste. I even started officially writing my thesis today! Only a month later than I planned to start writing. Whoops!

I am currently procrastinating from: getting any further on this thesis. And making supper.

Song currently stuck in my head: A mish-mash of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" and "Thank You Falletinme Bee Mice Elf Agin." I need to start listening to music while I blog. "Diamonds" is getting to be worse than "Mele Kalikimaka."

I am wearing: A white t-shirt, a sparkly black cardigan, jeans and black socks. But no slippers! Wow. You know, there's nothing like chronicling what I'm wearing to make me realise that I wear a lot of sombre colours these days. When I'm not lazying around in pyjamas. Now I understand why Christopher's so pleased whenever I wear colours (especially blue, for some reason). Oh, and I'm wrapped in a blanket. This apartment = cold in the winter (except in my room, which reaches summer temperatures while the living room's in the Arctic) and stinking hot in the summer time.

My kingdom for: A new episode of "Gilmore Girls," and that teapot I mentioned last time.

I just realised: That it's gotten really dark in my house since I started playing on the computer. I can't fully see the keyboard anymore. Note to self: turn on a light.

I am thankful for: The nice lady at Conference Services that let me book the Girls' Group room directly, rather than going through the Stupid Students' Union (members of which usually tell me I have to deal directly with Conference Services, even though technically they need to be the middle man when I'm with a campus club... Sorry. Bitter rant). A nice apartment, which isn't in the "student ghetto," and which has concrete construction (meaning we don't hear everything our neighbours say and do, although somehow we can still hear Schmucky...).

Favourite Word of the Day: "ascerbic."

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Chris Reed said...

You look good in colours. That is why I compliment you when you are wearing colours. And yes I do think that you look especially pretty in blue. Usually a light pale blue but not washedout out blue. And in closing I recall that certain other people get to comment on my clothing all they want and not always in a complimentary fashion. :)

From Chris.