Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Old-School Question Time Post

Time: 8:28pm

Wearing: t-shirt and shorts! (It's been a magnificently hot day, and I've been hiding inside in the blessedly cool air conditioning. I'm so glad that I used this year's tax return and bought an air conditioner on the very first hot day of the year. I was not going to wait and see how hot this house could get.)

I'm procrastinating from: the pile of unfolded laundry, the full dishwasher, and figuring out what I'm doing with my life.

Tea of the day: mango green iced tea. (Murchies!)

On the TV: first season of Poirot

I'm amused by: period pieces from the 1980s, when you get bits of 80s fashion here and there.

I'm oddly pleased about: the amount of time I spent hanging laundry on the line today. It was such a nice excuse to spend time out in the sun, which always helps my mental health. And we have a lilac bush that's blooming now, which makes the whole backyard a lovely place.

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