Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I am fragile like a teacup

On Friday, I was in the minor-est of minor car accidents.  My friend Life of Turner was driving me to his house, where his wife was cooking supper for Chris and me, when his car got rear-ended at an intersection by a guy who was driving too fast to handle stopping on ice.

LoT's car was only scratched (the other car was a little more damaged), but the jolt of the crash was enough to injure the left half of my back, and particularly my shoulder.  Because I am a fragile little teacup.  I noticed the pain on Friday (until ibuprofen and multiple episodes of Hoarders made it go away), but then I was pretty much okay until Monday.  On Tuesday I had my chiropractor examine my back for the insurance claim, and he told me that it wasn't my imagination that only my left half of my body was sore; in fact, the entire left half of my back had gone all puffy.  But especially my shoulder!  And it needs a lot of work! He also told me that several days after the accident were the most painful, and here I am now: regretting my choice to attempt to blog, because typing hurts my left arm and now I'm trying one-handed typing with limited success, and am unable to hold up my cereal bowl. 

But! It's not as bad as it could be.  I know someone who has experienced much worse neck and shoulder pain every day for the past several years, while I'm just looking at needing to go to the chiropractor a few more times than usual.  And, even though I've found that it's really difficult to read and type today, it'll be better soon, and I can do walking-and-active-type activities with relatively little pain.  So: how about I gradually clean the living room?  Also, while I started coming down with a bad cold roughly at the same time I hurt my shoulder,* the combination of lots of vitamins and Cold-FX, a powerful dose of cold medicine, a lot of sleep, and my allergy shot seem to have knocked that cold out of my system.  So, that's a big  improvement. 

So now, I'll regret attempting to type this, because that was seriously a bad decision regarding my shoulder, and I'll lay down on the couch and watch terrible TV for a while.  But now you know what's going on with me!

* That was the worst: my cold made me have trouble keeping warm, but my shoulder necessitated a lot of holding ice against my body, and I ended up having to stop trying to ice my shoulder because I was shivering so violently.


The Blog Fodder said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, Maryanne. I hope your chiropractor is able to get you in shape again totally pain free.

jo(e) said...

Oh, no! I hope you recover quickly.