Friday, August 20, 2010

Things are looking up

1. So, you know how we were looking to find a new home for our church, after we lost our last place?  As of next month, we'll be meeting in the multipurpose room of a private school.  The place is nicer, better suited to our group (read: wheelchair-accessible), and cheaper.  What?! It's fantastic and on the waterfront, and I'm ridiculously excited about this.  Seriously, it was the first place I emailed, and I can hardly believe that it worked out so well and quickly.

2. Today, we took our car in to the shop, and it looked like we were probably going to have to replace the alternator on the car. Crazy things were starting to go wrong, and yesterday it was really stressful to drive the car.  Instead of one big thing, it turned out to be a few small things (loose belt, blown fuse, and a loose gas cap), which meant that it didn't cost much money to fix, and we already have the car back.  I can breathe again. 

3. We managed to make a supper tonight that was completely from scratch: grilled leg of lamb (marinated Greek-style), pita bread with baba ghanoush, and a spinach salad with blackberry vinaigrette.  Since we were stuck at home without the car today, Chris and I decided to have some fun with cooking, and worked together to make our own pitas. (And now that I know how easy, cheap and healthy it is to make my own salad dressing? Why didn't anyone tell me this before?)  I am far too pleased with myself now. 


Anonymous said...

this is one of those blessing in disguise things. :)

Anonymous said...

yay for the new spot!!